IASS 2017 at HCU Hamburg
September 20th – 24th, 2017


Our IASS contributions

BISCHOFF, M., SACHSE, R., KÖRNER, A., WESTERMEIER, A., BORN, L., POPPINGA, S., GRESSER, G. T., SPECK, T., KNIPPERS, J. Modeling and analysis of the trapping mechanism of Aldrovanda vesiculosa as biomimetic inspiration for façade elements. 

KAO, G. T.C., KÖRNER, A., SONNTAG, D., NGUYEN, L., MENGES, A., KNIPPERS, J. Assembly-aware design of masonry shell structures: a computational approach. 

BRÜTTING, J., KÖRNER, A., SONNTAG, D., KNIPPERS, J. Bending-Active Segmented Shells. 

SLABBINCK, E. L. M., KÖRNER, A., KNIPPERS, J. Torsion as a design driver in plate-bending-active tensile structures. 

More information: http://iass2017.org/frontend/index.php?folder_id=914