ITECH MSc. 2016 – Kuan-Ting Lai

Reconfigurable Tensegrity Systems
Kuan-Ting Lai

Inst. of Building Structures & Structural Design (Prof. Knippers)
Inst. for Computational Design (Prof. Menges)

Thesis Advisors: Axel Körner, Anja Mader

Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Eng. Jan Knippers
Second Supervisor: Prof. Achim Menges

The project explored the possibility of utilizing tensegrity principles to build a structural system that can reconfigure itself. The research covered the basic introduction of tensegrity, and explored methods to achieve reconfigurability.
The project aims at developing a tensegrity-based canopy structure which follows three primary objectives – deployable, responsive, and reconfigurable. The structure can provide various architectural spaces and different illumination characteristics. In addition to that, this tensegrity network system is transportable and can either be installed on existing substrate as a canopy or deployed as a self-supporting structure like a tent. This can be achieved with the same components arrangement but different anchoring methods.

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