Arch(k)inetik 2016

ITKE Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Knippers
University of Stuttgart – Faculty for Architecture and Urban Planning Contemporary

Architects Association Tehran

Axel Körner (ITKE), Vahid Eshraghi (VEA), Maryam Kalantari, Ali Zolfaghari (MA), Leyla Asrar Haghighi




The two week’s workshop ARCH(K)INETIC 2016 investigated pneumatically actuated compliant mechanisms for adaptive kinetic building envelopes in combination with strategies for structural performative surface tessellations and adaptation of contextual ornaments. After 3 days investigating different strategies in small groups, one approach was chosen for further development and construction of a prototype during an intense 10 days design and construction workshop by all students and tutors together. The proposed system is composed of curved-line folded kinetic elements which are pneumatically actuated and assembled along a tessellation pattern of an underlying double curved surface. The components are reinforced along the tessellation edges to ensure the necessary elastic energy to open the components after pressure release and to provide structural integrity of the system. The depth of the stiffer edge parts follows the force flow within the structure. In each node the components are connected by bent joints which are able to compensate the contraction of the edges during the folding movement by elastic bending deformation. Therefore, no rotating or sliding connections to a substructure are necessary. The component system is based on edges and therefore suitable for all polygonal tessellation patterns and adaptive to synclastic and anticlastic curvature. The workshop included a series of software tutorials and lectures integrated into a research based design and construction project. The workshop was open for students of fields of design, architecture, scenography, and engineering.




Pooria Baniadam, Etrat Hosseini

Shayan Adham, Mahsun Ahmadi, Alireza Bairamvand, Anahita Dehlavi, Amir.r. Ebnoreza, Elnaz Fatollahi, Navid Ganji, Amir Javdan, Yasaman Jenab, Mohammad.h Karimi, Reza Mahjouri, Sahba Mansour, Khashayar Mohammadi, Farnaz Mohammadi, Morteza Mohayyaei, Mobin Moussavi, Payam Norouzi, Mehrasa Pourfalah, Ahmad Razavi, Matin Razi, Hooman Salyani, Navid Yazdanifard

Karamba 3d VEA-Vahid Eshraghi Architecture, MA-Creation Habitat, Saeid Faramarzi (Frame Studio), Anis Eshraqi, Etrat Hosseiny Elham Razavi, Raha Mohammadi, Elmira Mahnia, Fereshte Aala, Ali Shahbazi, Mohamadreza Mirzai