ITECH MSc. 2015 – Kenryo Takahashi

Spanned Flexure – Convertible Roof Systems
Kenryo Takahashi

Inst. of Building Structures & Structural Design (Prof. Knippers)
Inst. for Computational Design (Prof. Menges)

Thesis Advisors: Axel Körner, Valentin Koslowski

Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Eng. Jan Knippers
Second Supervisor: Prof. Achim Menges

The research aims to expand the potential in convertibility of elastic kinetic structures toward adaptive load-bearing structural systems. The study is focused by means of finite element method on the form-finding and the structural analysis of flexible plate structures actuated and supported by cable elements, in order to examine their feasibility in geometry and scalability under severe load conditions. The research results in the proof of the novel structural system and the according design proposals of convertible roof systems on a conceptual level.