Emtech Seminar 2014/15
Academic Supervision: Michael Weinstock, Axel Körner


Process produces form. Through the study of research pioneered by Charles Darwin, this seminar investigates the logic within a genetic
algorithm for the evolution of geometric form during the first week. During the second week the students applied the logics and rules of basic geometrical manipulation on urban block primitives, based on historical block typologies from different continents and climatic conditions.
Goal of this seminar was to develop a catalogue of urban blocks based on their historical ancestors and to procure an understanding of the possibilities and difficulties of multi parameter optimisation using octopus as a genetic solver for grasshopper.
The “Darwinian Engine” of sexual reproduction was basis of the algorithm, simulated through the use of crossover breeding techniques and later with the introduction of mutation into the genome structures, as a means to develop geometric form. These resulting individuals were then filtered through a selection process to generate more refined, succeeding populations to achieve overall desired fitness criteria.
My main responsibility during this workshop was in providing support to develop the computational system for the urban block development. I prepared computational logics for all block along with manipulation and optimisation strategies. I gave an introduction lecture about multi parameter optimisation based on genetic algorithms.