AA – Curved-Line Folding Workshop 2014

AA – Curved-Line Folding Workhop 2014
EMTECH – AA School of Architecture, London

Academic Supervisors: Michael Weinstock, Axel Körner, Suryansh Chandra

This research oriented workshop explores curved-crease tessellations to manufacture freeform geometries for architectural and industrial design. The work draws inspiration from the ease of shaping paper into double-curved geometries through repeating fold patterns and the observed stiffening of curved surfaces.
Since production of large scale curved-folded geometries is challenging due to the lack of generalised methods, we propose an interactive design system for curved crease tessellation of freeform geometries. The methods include the development of curved folding patterns on the local scale as well as a novel computational method of applying those patterns to polysurfaces. Using discretized, straight-line fold approximations of curved folds in order to simplify computation and maintain interactivity, this approach guarantees developable surfaces on the local scale while keeping the double curved appearance of the global geometry.

Design and Fabrication Team:
Radhika Amin, Amro AmerKabbara, Antiopi Koronaki, Samidha Kowli, Rachelle Spiteri, Arghavan Arjmand Nik, Quesada Arias, Rebecca Jane Bradley, Silvia Daurelio, Surbhi Bansal, Stanley Carroll, William John Haviland, Alessandra Lazzoni, Alessandro Guidetti, Anja Hein, Nikol Vergini.