Urban System Office – Changscha High Rise Competition

Urban System Office – 2013/2014

The Xinhe Delta Project project is a major urban development area at a key landmark site within Changhsha. The plots subject to the competition will house the centrepiece of the area, forming a new landmark for this ambitious masterplan, and for the city as a whole.
The design strategies used a thorough process of research and design, to develop a mathematical understanding of space, generating options for architectural solutions based analysis driven form and aggregation. Goal was to develop a design system, which takes not only envirionmental but also social and spatial aspects into account to offer functional and performative buildings.
My main responsibility during the competition was focused on setting up the generative system to locate the building mass (4 towers, conference centre and shopping mall) within the two plots. The influencing parameters are based on sun and environmental analysis, where different parts such as open space, office space, residential, are weighted differently to accommodate programmatic needs.
Also spatial factors such as to see and to be seen to and from major landmarks in the surrounding were taken into account as well is the establishment of internal network and integration into the existing urban fabric have been driving parameters for the design concept.

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