Carbon Curve

Academic Supervisors: Michael Weinstock, George Jeronimidis, Evan Greenberg
and Mehran Gharleghi.

Design and Fabrication Team: Yan Bai, Nicolas Cabargas, Abhinav Champaneri,
Marco Corazza, Viral Doshi, Çağla Gürbay, Shih-Hwa Hung, Axel Köerner, Anna
Kulik, Mikaella Papadopoulou, Miguel Rus, Tejas Sidnal, Tessa Steenkamp, Mehnaj
Tabassum, Yuchen Wang, Yunfu Yu, Jinjing Yu and Carlos Zulueta.

Hooke Park Workshop Manager: Charlie Corry-Wright


Construction of a continuous surface composite structure made of plywood and thermoplastic
pre-impregnated carbon fibre tape. The project, undertaken by staff and students in the Emergent Technologies and Design program at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, exploits the inherent qualities of two distinct materials and the ability to manipulate them through digital fabrication to generate an architectural application at the scale of a pavilion.
A computational strategy was implemented and employed to develop a coherent design system incorporating the intrinsic material properties on the local level to a global geometry. Through a process of optimisation the proposed design was adapted to meet structural and programmatic demands.
Upon analysing a series of successes and failures with its first installation at Hooke Park, the structure was redesigned and installed at the Architectural Association’s Projects Review in London and will be developed further during the academic year 2013/2014.