Mikado Architects – Neubaugasse


MIKADO Architects Vienna
Peter Kaserer, Axel Körner, Robert Wehinger

Werkraum Engineering, Vienna


This project was about a rooftop extension placed in the down town of Vienna. I was responsible for the design, planning for submission, construction design and in parts for the initiation to tender and construction site management. I was the project manager during these phases.

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This extension in a well known shopping street in vienna provides space for four new apartments. The new generated living area is about 550 sqm. Also the whole building below was restructured, especial the corner shop of the building owner.
Each of the four new apartments extends on two levels and comes with a green roof terrace into the inner courtyrad.
The initial idea for the design was the theme of the corner tower, which is very typical for the location. This tower was connected with stream of cars and people down on the street. Then I connected the fluent form at the corner with the actual an the possible hight of the neighbour houses.