YES Architecture – Opera Cologne – 2008

Yes Architecture Munich – Ruth Berktold

This was a competition for the conversion of the existing
opera house and the design of a new music theatre next
to it. I participated at this competition in a team of four
persons. I was responsible for the floor plans of the workshops,
the sections and the development of the facades
of the new building.
The Offenbachplatz is a representative urban location. It
provides the entrance to both buildings, the still existing
opera and the new designed theatre. The place becomes
the highlight of the cultural axis of cologne.
This axis continues in the new building. A cesura made of
glass creates the foyer of the theatre, the opera for children,
the studio stage and the restaurant. The restaurant
could be seen as a display window to the city.
The visitor reach the stage level over a broad freestanding
stairway. This level continues through the whole building,
including the opera house. That provides smooth
functional sequence.
The opera for children is also connected to this level by
stairs. But you can also attain it direct from the Offenbachplatz.