YES Architecture – Jewish Museum – 2008

Yes Architecture Munich – Ruth BerktoldCompetition for the extension of the existing jewish museum in fürth, a city in franconia. I participated at this competition in a team of two persons. I was responsible for the floor plans, the sections and the 3D modelling of the building and.

Urban and architectural concept:

The most important groundwork of the urban concept is the respectful handling with the already existing museum. So we had decided to create a void between the old and the new building. The Old building shall be the most important, freestanding exhibit. The connection ways between the two buildings interfuse the old facade.

The man entrance is placed at the place in the front of the museum. One gets a view into the cafe and the bookshop through a glass facade from there. The museum shall be an open one. It shall shows his history to the visitors without inhibition threshold. While one is able to look from the outside to the inside at lower levels, one looks from the inside to the outside at the higher levels. There are the more silent areas like library placed. Every single view axis provides a view on a memorial of the jewish history here in fürth.